SUN Energy Signed Agreement with Sojitz Indonesia to Promote Clean Energy Use in Greenland International Industrial Cent

Jan 18, 2022 | News

Industrial estates have a very important role in achieving the energy mix that targets the new and renewable energy portion of 23% by 2025, considering that their operational activities happen for the whole 24 hours. The fulfilment of the energy mix target can be significantly accelerated if the requirement of a stable supply of electrical energy is generated from new and renewable energy.

“Industrial estates, especially those with business districts, have an obligation to make changes in terms of their primary energy sources for electricity needs. This green energy transition adheres to Indonesia’s National Energy Policy (Kebijakan Energi Nasional/KEN) and National Energy General Plan, which targets new and renewable energy portion of 23% in the energy mix by 2025 and reach net zero emissions by 2060. If we look closely at the calculation of the National Energy Policy target and Electricity Supply Business Plan, until 2025, there is still a lack of 3-4 gigawatts. Hence, we can say that the industrial estates are the keys for faster green energy transition,” said Fabby Tumiwa, General Chairperson of the Indonesian Solar Energy Association (Asosiasi Energi Surya Indonesia/AESI).

One of the most potential new and renewable energy is the solar energy system. Fabby Tumiwa then added, “Currently, AESI’s focus is on nourishing the ecosystem for solar energy system. Starting from strengthening regulations that support solar energy system by encouraging progressive local government policies, to increasing public awareness of the solar energy system use in offices, as well as residential and industrial areas,”.

As a solar energy system developer that understands the importance of energy mix efforts in industrial areas, SUN Energy gladly announces its latest cooperation with PT Sojitz Indonesia. SUN Energy has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with PT Sojitz Indonesia, group of Sojitz Corporation as a Japanese conglomerate company with a strong global network, consisting of approximately 400 subsidiaries operating in 50 countries, and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). The agreement will result in the development of solar energy systems for the companies located in the Greenland International Industrial Center (GIIC), a modern industrial area in Kota Deltamas, Cikarang, West Java.

This synergy will allow Sojitz to demonstrate its contribution in building an environmentally friendly industrial area, as its commitment to conserve nature through the use of renewable energy as its alternative energy source. Solar energy systems installation around the GIIC area, home to 130 companies ranging from automotive, logistics, food & beverages sector, to data centers, will be able to significantly reduce carbon emissions as an important element in eliminating the impact of climate change. This collaboration to create an environmentally friendly industrial area at GIIC, which was jointly developed by Sinar Mas Land and Sojitz since the mid-1990s, expands the collaboration between SUN Energy and the Sinar Mas Group to provide integrated services in the corporate sustainability actions.

“Our study finds that the potential carbon emissions reduction could reach 83 million tons through the installation of solar energy systems in the largest industrial area in Jakarta – Cikarang. We are honored to collaborate with business players in industrial estates, and play an important role in creating integrated solar energy solutions to accomplish green and modern industrial estates. In addition, these solar energy systems could also stimulate green jobs creation benefiting the economy in the regional area,” said Dion Jefferson, Chief Commercial Officer of SUN Energy.

SUN Energy pioneers the 0% investment financing scheme in Indonesia and will fund the initial investment for the solar system installation. Our customer can enjoy the benefit of saving electricity cost minimum 10% lower than their electricity tariff. Harnessing solar energy is one of the main key actions for industrial and commercial sectors to achieve sustainable development towards zero carbon emissions through reliable, affordable and practical clean energy supply. SUN Energy will continue innovating the renewable energy ecosystem, and accelerating opportunities for collaboration from various sectors in order to build a sustainable Indonesia and other parts of Asia Pacific.

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