Rural Electrification

Empowering Rural Communities with Sustainable Electricity Solutions

SUN Energy is committed to increasing rural electricity access in Indonesia. You can also help electrify Indonesia and Asia-Pacific remote areas through your corporate social responsibility (CSR) by collaborating with us.


Solar Project Developer in Indonesia

PT ITDC Nusantara Utilitas

SUN Energy considers the installation of the rooftop solar energy system at the ITDC office as a significant milestone in its involvement in the G20.

KAT Birang

PT. Berau Coal collaborated with SUN Energy in providing renewable source of energy for the villagers of KAT Birang who rely on diesel generators due to the limited access to the grid.

Puskesmas Karataun

The implementation of solar energy system at the Karataun Community Health Center.

Remote pulpwood plantation

68 security posts in a remote pulpwood plantation in Perawang, Riau are now equipped with off-grid solar energy system, providing 24-hour independent energy production.

Embracing the future of energy with us.

By harnessing the power of renewable energy and integrating it into our business model, we aim to be a driving force for positive change in the energy industry...