Our Business Unit

Renewable Energy for a Sustainable World.

SUN Terra

SUN Terra is Indonesia’s leading residential, social, and commercial solar developer. Our mission is to promote solar energy as an eco-friendly alternative for all, with a focus on installing solar energy systems in small-scale buildings and leveraging application-based technology.


Mobility is shifting toward rapid innovation as the future moves toward energy transition. OtoPods, powered by SUN Mobility’s engineering expertise, enables electric vehicle to easily access Charging Point Stations at any time and from any location. We believe that the expansion of the e-mobility ecosystem is inextricably linked to superior skill sets. Our team strives to make genuine contributions to the creation of a truly sustainable future.

SUN Foundation

SUN Foundation, also known as Yayasan Sinar Utama Nusantara (YSUN), is an NGO established in February 2018. Recognizing the insufficient focus on CSR programs for environmentally friendly electricity in Indonesia, we initiated the ‘Terangi Nusantara’ movement to promote renewable energy facilities and achieve energy equality across the country.



Embracing the future of energy with us.

By harnessing the power of renewable energy and integrating it into our business model, we aim to be a driving force for positive change in the energy industry...