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EMI aspires to create a sustainable world that will allow us and the future generations to enjoy life on earth happier and longer. We can achieve that by minimizing the burning of fossil fuel to reduce global warming, cutting enough trees annually that can be regrown, or even designing energy-efficient building involving renewable enery as its main power source. Yet no matter how big our dream is, we will never be able to transform our world to be sustainable alone. We believe that all kinds of collaborations will bring enough impact to create a sustainable world that we aspire.


To be the leading renewable energy player in South East Asia, trusted by customers, employees, society and other stakeholders


Our mission is to provide green energy solutions to compliment or substitute the world’s current energy source



What Our Investors Say

Why is Solar Energy Better?

A clean, renewable and unlimited energy source

A way of reducing carbon emission and pollutione

An affordable
and cost-effective system

A promise of a better future and Increase company value

Award & Certification

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Going Solar is Easy

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SUN Energy is a leading Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) in Indonesia, focusing on solar energy system for Commercial & Industrial sector

SUNterra provides an integrated solution to electrify Indonesia’s residential with sustainable and eco-friendly energy through its latest technology and integrated service solutions

SUN Solutions focuses on developing cutting-edge solar technology where the majority of its products run independently without requiring existing power grid or additional infrastructure to be built

PT Surya Utama Nuansa (SUN Energy) is a leading solar project developer in Indonesia, having secured 50 MWp of solar projects within 5 years of operations since its establishment in 2016